Your Experienced Medical Practice in Mawson Lakes

We focus on helping you by understanding your medical concerns and offering informed advice at Mawson Lakes Healthcare. It is inevitable that there are sometimes different views on medical treatments. That is why we are transparent in laying out all of the information clearly, so that you can make an informed choice about what is best for you.

Our Practice

A General Practitioner that cannot effectively communicate with his or her patients does not provide the medical service that people need. We take your health seriously, and though there are often very complex issues, we take the time and effort to explain as best we can, because being better informed allows you to make more appropriate decisions for your health and your life. Remember, maintaining healthy habits ourselves, encourages those around us to do the same.

Personalised and Strictly Confidential Care

Health can be a very personal issue. We treat people as individuals and treat your medical concerns with respect and discretion. We are committed to providing professional and reliable health services that you can rely on, so that you can get on with your life.

It can often be difficult to confide very personal issues to so, we offer complete confidentiality and treat all of your concerns with dignity and respect. We respectfully ask that you are forthcoming with all information that you can, in order for us to provide the most appropriate advice that we can.

Informed and Up to Date Medical Advice

At Mawson Lakes Healthcare, we keep our staff up-to-date with medical innovations, discoveries and treatments and engage in constant learning. Change happens at a rapid pace within our field, so we need to be constantly aware of developments in order to provide the most accurate and reliable medical services.

We are a Training Practice

Mawson Lakes Healthcare is proud to be a teaching practice for medical students from Flinders & Adelaide Universities. We are also involved in training the next generation of Australian GPs through GPEX. The benefits of being a teaching practice extend beyond trainees to patients and staff alike. It is beneficial for all staff as there is a greater focus on professional development, remaining up to date with medical advances in Australia, practicing and therefore teaching best practice approaches.

This also means patients receive a higher standard of care. As a patient of our practice, we thank you for being involved in training your future Doctors. Of course you are free to sometimes decline a student/ trainee being present during your consultation, however we encourage trainee presence most times, for your benefit as well as the student’s.

Child attends our medical practice in Mawson Lakes AGPAL Accredited General Pratice - Mawson Lakes Healthcare

What is AGPAL Accreditation?

AGPAL Accreditation lets you know that a general practice has met standards of safety and quality. AGPAL Accreditation is voluntary. Read More