Men's Health

There is a persistent and troubling myth that men don’t care about their health. But they do. Most men older than 40 will have visited a doctor in the past 12 months. But compared to women, men visit the doctor less often, have shorter consultations and tend to see their GP later in the course of their illness.

Remember, although you may feel embarrassed about health issues, our doctors are not at all embarrassed and will do their best to make you feel comfortable about examinations you may require. Preventative screens such as bowel cancer screening and blood pressure checks can prevent catastrophes happening later down the track.

Usually, the contemplation of these preventative examinations is far worse than the reality of having them.

Understanding men’s health issues

Well Men Checks

Men, how often do you take your car in for a service? Now, think about the time you had a complete body check?
What’s more important to you – your car or your health??
Our philosophy is that health care is as much about helping people stay well, as about treating illness.
This is why we consider “well women and men checks” as vitally important. It’s time to have a general checkup, pick up on any conditions at an early and (hopefully) treatable stage, and most of all, learn about preventing illness.
A “Well Man Check” Involves:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Heart & Lung Check
  3. Blood Sugar Level
  4. Skin Check
  5. Testes, prostate & STI check (if appropriate)
  6. Height & Weight check (and hip to waist ratio)
  7. Urine Check
  8. Advice regarding “lifestyle”, including smoking, alcohol, drug use (if appropriate)
  9. Referral for cholseterol check and other tests (if appropriate)
Men's Health