Preventative Medicine

A Valuable Way To Think About Your Health

How much is your health worth? If your health were a bank account, does your spending exceed your deposits?  Will your health last as long as your finances are set up for? Will your health assets support the plans you have for your life?

It is common knowledge that you need to see your Doctor for regular health checks. It is also well known that having normal blood tests or even a normal exercise stress test is no guarantee for being free of disease. Acute illness is the drop that spills over a cup full of health risks. Medical treatment cleans up the mess, however, preventative medicine avoids the spillage by:

1. Emptying the cup of reversible risk factors and

2. Increasing the cup capacity (i.e. your health assets) by optimizing your physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

So many factors affect our health, an improvement in any one factor benefits our wellbeing and happiness. Our health impacts on those around us- at home, at work and in our wider community.  Be a positive & healthy influence on those around you

Start with small changes. The bigger the change, the harder it is to start, small changes face little resistance and are easier to get started

Small changes over a long period of time make big improvements to our health. (Just like your superannuation). It doesn’t matter whether you start with a change in your diet or your exercise, just get started. That’s why it’s so important to start healthy habits early in life

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